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gm3 Advisory

gm3 provides tailored advice and strategic guidance to both established companies and web3-native companies.

Our Blockchain Education & Implementation service demystifies the power of blockchain for market-leading companies. Discover how blockchain can revolutionize various domains –  as a database technology, in supply chain and logistics, customer loyalty programs, as a marketing strategy, and within the metaverse virtual worlds.

We offer services to web3-native start-ups looking to structure and scale their businesses on Business Strategy & Operational Excellence, from navigating regulatory requirements, to identifying growth opportunities, to optimizing resource allocation.

Let’s shape the future together, embracing the limitless potential of web3 technology.


gm3 Research

We specialize in high-end, commissioned research and whitepaper curation across the web3, decentralized finance and technology spaces. Our commitment to excellence is led by Crypto Punk and Harvard University PhD graduate, Dr. Michael Frisch.  Together with our team of field experts, we illuminate the path to informed decision-making in the dynamic landscape of web3.

This exceptional blend of academic rigor and hands-on experience forms the bedrock of our research, ensuring that every report we craft is of the highest quality and relevance.

Our reports go beyond surface-level analysis; they provide a profound understanding of the subject matter. We pride ourselves on delivering insights that empower our clients to make informed decisions and navigate the complex web3 landscape.

We believe in the power of collaborative knowledge dissemination and invite Educational Institutes, Think Tanks, Corporates, and Consulting Firms to co-author or co-publish reports, showcasing your thought leadership in the web3 space. Let’s shape the future together.


gm3 Deals

Connecting web3 Founders & Financiers.

gm3 is a Founding Team’s gateway to financing in the web3 economy. We offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to your specific needs. Our experienced professionals work closely with you to unlock funding opportunities, provide expert guidance, enhance your network, and offer industry insights. Partnering with gm3 lends credibility and validation to your project, accelerating your growth and success.

For investors seeking to deploy capital, we provide access to diversified investment opportunities in the web3 ecosystem. With our rigorous due diligence process and curated network, we ensure quality deal flow. You’ll gain early access to promising startups and projects, matched with your investment preferences. Our industry insights, networking opportunities, and market intelligence empower you to make informed investment decisions and maximize returns.


gm3 Curation

Explore captivating digital art collections curated by gm3. Immerse yourself in groundbreaking creations by visionary artists, accessing cutting-edge digital artworks. Our expertise keeps pace with the ever evolving digital art market, bringing you exclusive opportunities to own and showcase digital masterpieces.

Craft the future of luxury with gm3. Our consulting, design and manufacturin services integrate luxury fashion with web3 technology and ethical sourcing. Collaborate with our experienced professionals to develop innovative strategies and design captivating apparel.

Experience the fusion of art, technology and luxury with gm3. Connect with us to embark on a journey that transcends boundaries and redefines the art of curation in the web3 era.


gm3 Talent

gm3 Talent is your premier talent acquisition partner, specializing in roles across blockchain, crypto, and web3 domains. From entry-level to executive leadership, we cover diverse positions.

Our expert team ensures meticulous talent sourcing, vetting, and placement, offering personalized recruitment services. Elevate your career or enhance your team through gm3 Talent, where excellence meets recruitment, tailored to the nuances of evolving professional landscapes.

Our process leverages industry insights and expertise, guaranteeing a curated selection of candidates that align with your business goals. We take pride in our commitment to excellence and the dedication we bring to every placement.


gm3 Directory

Uncover the remarkable breadth of talent in the web3 ecosystem. Our platform showcases entrepreneurs, artists, and creators, legitimizing the industry and fostering connections for growth and innovation.

gm3 Directory is a comprehensive database highlighting exceptional work in the web3 space. It attracts traditional finance capital and invites retail consumers to explore cutting-edge projects. Builders find collaboration and sourcing opportunities, fostering innovation and progress.

Join gm3 Directory to celebrate visionaries reshaping industries with web3 technologies. Unlock groundbreaking projects and inspiring creators shaping the decentralized future. Embrace the transformative power of web3 and forge a limitless future. Welcome to gm3 Directory, where excellence in the web3 ecosystem awaits.

Why choose us

Three reasons why people choose us


Clients choose us for our innovative approach that blends cutting-edge technologies with forward-thinking strategies. We stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving web3 landscape, offering groundbreaking solutions that help our clients embrace the future and gain a competitive edge.


Trust is the foundation of our client relationships. We prioritize transparency, open communication, and accountability, fostering a sense of trust that extends to every aspect of our services. Clients rely on us to provide reliable guidance, expert advice, and a commitment to their success.


We uphold the highest standards of integrity in everything we do. Clients appreciate our ethical business practices, which form the bedrock of our operations. With us, they know they are working with a partner who acts with honesty, fairness, and respect, ensuring that their interests are always protected.

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